More on Social Networking

Well, the feeling of being an idiot has subsided. Instead it has been replaced by a feeling of utter failure in making friends over the course of my life. Yes, I accidentally sent out over 200 invites but realized only minimal results.

I received many replies from people asking what the hell I was inviting them to. A commentary as to the age of many of my friends and acquaintances and their schema of all things digital. I got most of them from the faculty I work with. Many were the same ones who ask me if I can fix their computer even though I am not their tech (our school district already employs those), but rather, a multimedia teacher. Some joined LinkedIn after an explanation, others did not. Before my faux pas I had one link: my cousin. Now I have 28.

As for my own shortcomings, I have a request in LinkedIn to introduce someone I’m connected to with someone my cousin is connected to. So, am I supposed to introduce someone I barely know who I accidentally invited to this social network to someone I don’t know at all because I’m linked to a cousin I hardly ever talk to? Frankly, I don’t know how and I’m using that excuse not to do it since I feel weird hooking these guys up. I know it’s not a dating service. LinkedIn is for professionals to make connections. But I barely (or don’t) know these guys. Hell, I barely know myself.