I’ve listed a few of my links here to places I like to go or places I’ve been.

Go try Canyon Voyages for whitewater rafting in Moab, UT. My friends Don & Denise Oblak (proprietors) have sold the business to their boatmen but I hear that it’s still a great operation to go rafting. They probably don’t realize that I send people to them all the time. While in Moab, stay at the Adventure Inn. It is the best little motel in the West. And you haven’t eaten until you have enjoyed a dinner of Kokopelli Chicken at the Moab Diner in the south end of Moab. Everything else in town is over-priced and touristy. I’ve been going to Moab for 50 years. It’s been ruined by its popularity and should be avoided except for what I’ve mentioned here. I don’t go there any longer except to run the daily section of the Colorado river or top off the gas tank before heading to a secret, people-less spot in the desert.

Among other food places I suggest is the Kiva Koffee House along scenic Highway 12 in south central Utah. It’s very remote but very good sandwiches and coffee. Scenic as hell too. If you find yourself in Park City, UT, the locals all know that the best food is at the Silver King Cafe in the Park City Medical Center. No, really.

The University of Arkansas awarded me a BSBA in Finance (Woo Pig Sooie! Go Hogs!), they must have been having a slow week. Years later Utah State University honored me with a Masters in Education. I now use both degrees to teach high school students that life sucks… um, Personal Finance.

I was the Sales Manager at Firefly Balloons in North Carolina for awhile. And, for 17 years, I flew for Park City Balloon Adventures until I retired from commercial ballooning to have a life. PCBA no longer exists so I recommend flying with Jake at Big Foot Balloons. He’s a class act. I now fly balloons for recreation and at balloon festivals. It’s a homebuilt, lightweight balloon system. I think my wife believes that I’m looking for a creative way to kill myself.

I teach at Stansbury High School now and act as the school’s social media specialist. The operative word there is “act”.