Gift or Compulsion: Constantly exploring the next new thing

or why my password app has so many abandoned entries

I drift from online app to online app constantly looking for the perfect venue to write. Does that make me a writer? That’s hard to tell.

It started with blogs. Boy, I signed up for a host of blogs. Wrote a bit in all of them. Was rather haphazard in my posts. Had no direction, no theme, no clue what the hell that it was that I wanted to express to the world. But blogs were quickly supplanted by podcasts. Wow, now I get to really use my voice! Then came vlogs or video blogs or whatever. Yes, I have a YouTube channel, albeit with nothing on it.

The land of No-Delay-Of-Gratification showered us with social media. Is that writing? Better yet, is it literature? While Facebook is not literature, could Twitter be? At first I pained to make posts more literary and less, “Going to the bathroom now.” Suddenly I didn’t have to find time to write, I just could jot something down and the world could see it. And if Twitter’s 140 characters was too confining, there’s with 256, which is also not enough if you tend to ramble on.

Finally, I find Medium. Not 140 characters, not social media. Instead an online writing app with a very large font. So large that the people who walk behind me in this coffee house can now watch what I write and read. Some have even offered to edit this for me.

Have I come full circle? Is this blogging? Is this writing? Is this literature? Or am I just doomed to try the next new great thing?

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